About us

The idea of FIND YOUR arose after discovering Lithuanian nature in other colors, exploring it and falling in love with the beauty of the homeland.

Everyone is different, but through the stress of work, they often forget themselves or the environment around them. Our products idea to introduce you to our discovered places, nature and to encourage YOU to discover your place of peace, the balance and harmony of body and soul within.
Our aim is to create clothing for everyone who are free citizens of the world. The basis of the products design is the fragments and nature of our native country - Lithuania, which inspired us to create. Find your hope for the products to be worn not only by Lithuanians, but also by foreigners who after wearign our clothes would want to see and experience themself the wonderful Lithuania.

Our uniqueness

The key feature of our products - embroidery. To us, embroidery immediately returns to the grandma's home, where hard-working grandmother subtly embroidered a napkin or made other handicrafts. In Find Your opinion, embroidery is a great, cute, and exclusive accent that returns to fashion and can easily decorate everyone.

Find your goal so that not only the products are cute to the heart, but also that the packaging would amaze you. We’ve created exclusive, easily recyclable boxes that we hope will make you smile.